Every foreign country requires some documents for the adoption process, but Latvia requires less than many others. It requires a few extra documents from us, but less documents from you and only requires two sets of original documents and allows for an extra copy to be included for the third set.
The documents needed from you:

Application to adopt.
Certified copy of marriage certificate.
Certified copy of your birth certificate.
Certified copy of your spouse’s birth certificate.
Color copy of your passport picture page.
Color copy of your spouse’s passport picture page.
Your autobiography.
Your spouse’s autobiography.
Medical form for you.
Copy of the license of the doctor who signed your form.
Medical form for your spouse.
Copy of the license of the doctor who signed your spouse’s form.
FBI clearances for you.
FBI clearances for your spouse.
FBI clearances for any adult over the age of 18 residing in your home.
Power of attorney #1.
Power of attorney #2.
Statement of acknowledgement.
Divorce decree (if applicable)
Guardianship commitment.
Post adoption reporting commitment.
USCIS approval.
Financial form.
Training certificates.

That is what we’ll need from you. We’ll get more documents from your home study agency, add World Links documents, documents from governmental entities, and send the package to Latvia to have it translated, and so on, and submit your paperwork so the Ministry can register you.

Latvia only requires one package of documents for the entire process.

Now that you know about the documents, let’s jump to the next section and talk about traveling to Latvia.