Parental requirements for the Latvian Program.

Latvia respects intercountry adoption agreements and recognizes parental requirements set by the country of residence, so if the United States approves you for adoption, then Latvia considers it to be sufficient.

Let’s review some of the requirements and address common concerns of prospective adoptive parents.


You must be at least 25 years of age to be approved by the United States as a prospective adoptive parent.

Latvia does not have an upper age restriction.


At least one prospective adoptive parent must be a US citizen.

Marital requirements?

Married couples and single parents may adopt from Latvia.

Children at home?

There is no restriction, you can adopt even if you already have kids.

What about religion?

Latvia doesn’t have any religious restrictions.


Latvia does not set any income restrictions, if the United States approves you – you are good to go.

Our primary requirement is your desire to be a good parent. We hope that you will open your heart and welcome a child into it. We hope that you’ll share your love, your affection, and your life with the child. We hope to see you become a happy family.