Introduction to the Latvian Program.

Latvian program, while a relative newcomer to the field of international adoption, is a program that many of our families consider. It’s a good all around program, it’s Hague, and it has some aspects that make it very attractive. What are those aspects?


You may have noticed that we talk about stability over, and over, and over again. We talk about it so often, that it feels way past redundant. There is, however, a very good reason behind it. If a program is not stable, it means that it could end before your adoption is complete, and that’s it. If a program is not stable, there is no reason to talk about anything else.

Latvian program, however, is the definition of stability. Political, social, and economic aspects all point to the outstanding stability of this program. On top of that, a cultural aspect plays an important role in the stability as well. Latvian people, by their very nature, prefer meticulous planning and perfect execution of things. They plan things to work for years to come.

By the book.

When we say that someone is “by the book”, we generally mean that they lack creativity… but how much creativity do you really want in your adoption process? It’s not art, it’s a set of laws, rules, and regulations designed for officials, agencies, and parents to follow in order to achieve placement of a child with a family. By the book process can be good if the book is written well, and Latvian adoption process is written very well.


This is directly derived from the previous aspect. Latvian authorities, when they were designing their adoption process, were working in the best interest of children and families. They really did write a straightforward, clean and clear, cut and dry process. From beginning to end it is clearly defined, follows an outline, and there aren’t really any reasons any case should deviate from the established protocol.

This is, by far, one of the best designed adoption processes out there.

These are the reasons why we recommend this program to our families.
Please proceed to the next section where we address parental requirements for this program.