Introduction to the Kyrgyz Program

Adoption program from Kyrgyzstan is currently the most discussed international adoption program, and for a good reason – back in 2012 Kyrgyzstan ratified the Hague Convention, and now, in 2016, applied to, and was accepted to be a member of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption.

Concerns about upcoming changes

As soon as the news of Kyrgyzstan being accepted as a member of the Hague Convention reached families in the United States there were many concerns of how it would impact the program. This is very understandable, as stability is one of the key factors in any adoption program, but the rumor mill really doesn’t help anyone, so we’ve contacted the US Department of State, the Kyrgyz Republic Embassy to the US, and our personnel in Kyrgyzstan to put together a comprehensive update, and as things stand so far – Kyrgyzstan does not intend to change anything in their process, and the US Department of State said they are reviewing the processes and procedures but don’t foresee any significant changes at this time.

Moving forward