Quick Q&A about the Bulgarian program:


Program status?

Open, we are accepting applications.



Yes, Bulgaria ratified Hague Convention in 2002.


What is “Hague”, anyways?

When we say that it’s a Hague program, we mean that the process of adoption from that country is guided by the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions. It’s a set of rules that both countries, the US and, in this case, Bulgaria, follow for the adoption.


Are you accredited?

Yes, World Links is Hague accredited.


Where is Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe, bordering Greece.


Parental requirements?

If single, must be US citizen. If married, one spouse must be US citizen. You need to be of a good moral character and healthy enough to take care of a child.



Depending on the age, 2 to 6 months for children above 9 years of age, approximately 3 years for younger children. For sibling group where on of the children is above 9 years of age the average wait time is 1 to 3 months. and no wait for referrals for special needs children.

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