Introduction to the Bulgarian Program.

Bulgarian international adoption program is one of the best Hague adoption programs from Eastern Europe. This is one of the most popular programs for adoption of older children and sibling groups. Let’s talk about unique characteristics of the Bulgarian program.


Until we started working with Bulgarian, we didn’t ever think that we’d talk about an adoption program being convenient. It’s an international adoption process, it takes time, there are costs involved, and you are going to have to go overseas, but Bulgarian side went above and beyond call of duty to make sure that their program is not only Hague compliant and is in the best interest of children, but also takes into account that prospective adoptive parents are real people, with real jobs and day-to-day commitments. While you, as adoptive parent, can and will change your schedule to work with the foreign authorities, would it be nice if they thought about you for a change?

Bulgarian side requires two short trips, one to meet with the child, and one to pick your kid up at the end of it all. You don’t need to be there for the court, a Bulgarian agency will represent you in the Bulgarian court. Isn’t that nice?

Complete medical and social history

Every country provides some medical and social information about prospective adoptive children. Some more, some less, but for the most part what you’ll be getting from anywhere else is a page long medical description of what was noted, and that would contain about a paragraph about child’s social development. Not the case for Bulgaria.

Bulgarian referral contains a very detailed medical and social history. I can honestly say that the records transmitted by the Bulgarian side are the most detailed we’ve seen to date. On top of having a written record of medical and social history, a referral also contains several pictures and a video of the child’s social interaction. In most countries you get a picture of somewhat not-entirely-bad quality, here you get several pictures and a video. Did I also mention a very detailed medical and social history? I must have, but it was worth mentioning again.

Location, Location, Location

While adoptive parents do not hesitate to travel far to strange foreign lands, Bulgaria’s location is one of the key factors mentioned by parents. Nowdays being next to Greece doesn’t really mean much in terms of economic development, but what it means for the American families, is that the country is located right there, close to the heart of the European Union. While the country is still foreign, the only thing it’s far from is being strange.

These are the reasons why our families find Bulgaria to be a great option to consider.

Now let’s take a look at the parental requirements of the Bulgarian adoption.