Bulgarian adoption is fairly standard as fat as document requirements by a Hague country, so this is the list of what we’ll need from you:

Application to adopt.
Certified copy of marriage certificate.
Certified copy of your birth certificate.
Certified copy of your spouse’s birth certificate.
Color copy of your passport picture page.
Color copy of your spouse’s passport picture page.
Your autobiography.
Your spouse’s autobiography.
Medical form for you.
Copy of the license of the doctor who signed your form.
Medical form for your spouse.
Copy of the license of the doctor who signed your spouse’s form.
FBI clearances for you.
FBI clearances for your spouse.
FBI clearances for any adult over the age of 18 residing in your home.
Power of attorney #1.
Power of attorney #2.
Guardianship commitment.
Post adoption reporting commitment.
USCIS approval.

There are additional forms that we’ll need to file, and more paperwork that we’ll need from your home study agency, but we’ll take care of all of that.
Then everything will be apostilled and sent to Bulgaria for translation.

Bulgaria requires only one package of documents, so once all of this is done, there will only be a handful of documents to file with the USCIS and the US Embassy at a later date. Those are easy and we’ll walk you through each of those step by step.

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