This section doesn’t need any special introductions, so let’s jump right into it.


Technically, from 12 months of age and up. However, referral time really depends on the age of the child, and the younger the child you are you are looking to adopt, the longer it will take to get a referral.

How much longer? For a child under the age of 3 it’s about 4 years for the first. For a child around 7 years of age it will be about 2 years. For a child around 11 years of age the referral wait time is under a year.


More boys are waiting in Bulgarian orphanages than girls. It’s still possible to adopt a girl, but the referral time would be longer.


You will get a rather comprehensive medical history on the child, so you’ll know anything that was identified by doctors as a reason for concern. While there aren’t any perfectly healthy children in orphanages, you’ll know anything of importance that was identified.

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