July 14, 2021

COVID-19 and How It Affects International Adoptions

We’re in mid-July now and here, in the United States, COVID-19 is, according to the experts, well managed. There are side effects on the people and the economy, and we will continue to experience those for some time to come, but we are on track for recovery.

Other parts of the world are nowhere near as lucky as we are. In some places the pandemic keeps on raging, and yet in some others – it’s just picking up speed. The world at large is still going to deal with the virus for a long time.

For our programs, however, the impact is less pronounced. There are slowdowns in the process, and it’s still going to take extra time for the paperwork to get processed overseas, but we are working every day to minimize those slowdowns as much as possible.

Some country specific information.

Bulgaria keeps on processing cases. There is a slowdown, we’re seeing extra 3 to 4 weeks added to the usual turnaround times, but that should improve by the end of the summer.

Kyrgyzstan is working. There was a slowing down, as the region was affected by both the COVID-19 pandemic and a seasonal pneumonia, but they seem to be on track for recovery.

Latvia is doing very well, all things considered. They are working, and we expect them to finish their current cases.

Ukraine has seen an uptick in cases, but it’s still mild in comparison. The program is working.

In any situation that affects the world like that, those who have the least – suffer the most! Let’s not keep the kids waiting in orphanages any more than absolutely necessary.

Follow your heart and follow the safety standards, and we’ll work together to bring your kids home. Contact Us.