October 27, 2020

COVID-19 and How It Affects International Adoptions

The COVID-19 epidemic in the United States continues to accelerate. Much of the recent news has been about ongoing and unprecedented caseload increases and vaccine trial failures on discontinuations.

Here’s what we’ve gathered from the generally well regarded science and technology news sources:

There is no vaccine yet.
There isn’t likely to be one in 2020.
Some of the most promising ones dropped out in trials.
Number of cases is continuing to grow and some of the countries are closing again.
Things should be getting back to normal around April of 2021.

While April of 2021 may seem like it’s far away – it really isn’t. We’ve got but 2 months left of 2020 and the first 3 months of 2021 will go by just as fast. Yes, there will be important things to consider during those months, but if you are in the process – things look like they’ll keep moving.

Some country specific information.

Bulgaria says that they’ll keep processing cases as they are now. They don’t foresee any changes to their process in the near future.

Kyrgyzstan is working. There was a slowing down, as the region was affected by both the COVID-19 pandemic and a seasonal pneumonia, but they seem to be on track for recovery. They are much stricter than the US in some aspects of public safety and that has an effect.

Latvia was doing very well for some time, but now has cases of COVID-19 again. They are working, and we expect them to finish their current cases.

Ukraine has seen an uptick in cases, but it’s still mild in comparison. The program is working.

In short, if you are in process – there may be some program specific slowdowns, but things are moving forward.

If you are thinking about adopting and are not sure if this is the right time – it is. The domestic side of the process takes time, and with certain governmental services, such as FBI clearances and apostilles, lagging far behind their normal timeframes – you should be ready on the domestic side in time for the international side to stabilize.

Follow your heart and follow the safety standards, and we’ll work together to bring your kids home. Contact Us.