Introduction to the Ukrainian Program.

Ukrainian adoption program is both well established and a well recognized one. It is considered by the prospective adoptive parents for its wide opportunity referral process as well as an option to the Russian program, with both programs being non-Hague and from the neighboring countries.

Wide opportunity referral process

A very distinctive part of the Ukrainian program is its referral process. In other programs your documents are submitted to the country, a referral is issued for you by the adoption authorities, and then you travel there to meet the child and make your decision, but not so in Ukraine.

In this program we will submit your dossier to Ukraine, the adoption center will schedule an appointment for you, and there you will be presented with several referrals to choose from. You may select one, meet with the child, and if you feel that that is not the best match for your family, you can return to the adoption center, receive another referral, and go meet with the child, until you have found the referral that is the best for your family.

Convenient travel

Ukrainian program only requires two relatively short trips to complete your adoption process.

The first trip, during which you are meeting with your prospective adoptive child, may vary in length, depending on your family’s referral selection process. Some families, however, completed their first trip in as little as 5 business days, with the average length of the first trip being somewhere between 7 and 10 days.

Second trip is also about 7 to 10 days, depending on the region of Ukraine that you are adopting from.

As of right now, Ukrainian program has the most convenient travel requirements out of all adoption programs in the region.

Next section addresses parental requirements for the Ukrainian program.