Ukrainian Program Financials

Let’s start with a summary:
Application fee: $250
IAAME fee: $500 per child
Home study review fee: $850
Agency fee: $7,800
Program fee: $7,600
Case Management fee: $6,600
Foreign fee: $9,500
Translation and Legalization: $1000
Post-adoption report processing: $100 per report

Travel costs are additional, we’ll address those below.

As a Hague Accredited Adoption Service Provider, and following our Commitment to Transparency, World Links is disclosing in writing the following categories of fees and estimated expenses:

Home study review fee.

If World Links is your home study agency, then this fee does not apply to you.
This is a fee for reviewing your home study prepared by another agency. We’ll make sure it’s up to standards and reflects everything it needs to have, we’ll coordinate with your agency if there is anything missing and make sure it’s there.

Home study preparation fee is charged by your home study agency.

Agency fee.

Paid to the agency for services rendered.

Foreign country program fee.

That’s the international adoption program fee.

Expenses incurred in care for the child.

This is a section required by the Hague convention, but at present this category of expenses does not apply to the Ukrainian program.

Translation and document expenses.

Fee is $4800.

Contributions to child welfare services in the child’s country of origin.

You are not required to make any contributions to child welfare programs, to orphanages or other institutions.

Third party fees:

Third party fees cover expenses in the country of origin and are paid to the entities or people who are, while involved in the process by either producing documents, managing documents, or collecting fees and taxes for document related processes, are either governmental entities or private entities, and are not employees of World Links.
These fees, paid to competent authorities or individuals, include legal fees, dossier legalization fees, court costs, medical excerpt compilation fees, release fees, notary fees, passport costs, birth certificate costs, legal translation fees, document preparation fees, including fees for expedited preparation of the documents. These fees also include accompanying translator costs for 2 weeks.

Additional expenses in the United States.

Apostillization of your documents, depending on the State, ranges from free to $25 per document.

USCIS approval is $775, plus $85 per every household member over the age of 18 for fingerprinting.

FBI clearances cost $18 per every household member over the age of 18.

State Criminal Clearance is charged by your state and depends on your state.

Sexual Abuse Clearances is charged by your state and is state specific.

Medical Exam cost depends on your doctor and your insurance.

You don’t need a visa to Ukraine, so there is no fee for that.

Child’s immigration visa is issued by the US Embassy and they charges $270 per visa.

Child’s medical exam by a US Embassy approved clinic costs about $160 per exam.

Travel and accommodations

The following estimates are based on an average amounts and common travel preferences.
Airfare to Ukraine is approximately $900 round trip per person.
Accommodations in Kiev are about $220 per room per night.
Accommodations in the region are about $160 per room per night.

That’s about it.

If the associated fees change, we will try to update our website as quickly as possible.

Fee schedule is broken down into 10 parts. Your caseworker will discuss those with you in detail, and everything is detailed in writing in your Master Agreement.